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ROK Espresso Maker

Brand: ROK
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ROK Espresso Maker

Welcome to explore the ROK Espresso Maker. The ROK Espresso Maker is a unique, manual and non-electric espresso maker. The ROK is a combination of great design, practicality and quality. You can easily make delicious espresso coffee at home - you just need hot water and great coffee.

  • Urban style and design: a loveable design statement in you kitchen
  • Ecological: non-electric, produces no waste
  • Hikers: robust and portable, perfect for camping and caravans
  • Creativity: enjoy the freedom and fulfill your coffee dreams with different types of coffee grinds, amounts of water and pressure
  • Family: the whole family can take part in a fun coffee-making process
  • Gadget lovers: combines mechanics and design

All you need is the kind of coffee you want and boiled water. Making coffee with the ROK Espresso Maker is fun! You can make all kinds of coffee with it: espresso, cappuccino, latte, americano, ristretto … try it yourself and find your favourite.

Weight 3kg, width 27cm, depth 20cm, height 31cm


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