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Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter in Bottle, green

Brand: Hario
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Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter in Bottle, green

Fancy a cold brewed tea for a change? The Hario cold brew filter in bottle is ideal to extract all the goodness from your chosen tea leaves; leaving the bitterness out (choose organic certified teas!). This cold brew filter-in-bottle offers a unique alternative to a hot cup of tea in the morning. You can also enjoy the cold brewed tea in the summer, when you're feeling hot and wish to cool down and relax. Did we mention cold brew tea tastes delicious with your meal?

The olive green Hario filter in bottle is designed to look like a wine bottle. It has a pour spout made out of silicone rubber for a good grip and a filter made from polypropylene. The capacity of the cold tea brewer is 750ml.

Brewing cold tea is easy. Simply put the loose tea leaves inside the cold brew bottle and pour cold water over it. Then, mount the removable bottle spout with the filter onto the glass pot and place it in to the fridge. That is it! Enjoy cold brewed tea 3 - 6 hours later with the Hario Cold Brew filter in bottle.

  • 1x Cold Brew Filter in Bottle
  • Full-bodied Flavour in 3-6 hours
  • Easy to Use
  • 750ml Capacity

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