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Wilfa Coffee Grinder WSCG-2

Brand: Wilfa
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Wilfa Coffee Grinder WSCG-2

This is where your journey towards fresher coffee starts from! You'll make the best possible cup of coffee when you grind your coffee beans just before you brew it! Wilfa WSCG-2 coffee grinder has 5 different grind level settings to suit the brewing method of your choice (not for espresso, for moka pot yes!). It has steel coated conical grinding burrs, so it produces very little heat, helping to preserve the fragile aromas and flavours of the coffee. The coffee bean holder and the ground coffee container is made from UV protected plastic to keep the coffee beans protected from sunlight, too.

We highly recommend this coffee grinder, based on several years' experience with it at home and offices. It's a great bang for buck and has also 5 year guarantee!

  • 250 g hopper capacity
  • 5 different coarseness settings
  • Timer
  • UV protected bean hopper and coffee container
  • Approved by European Coffee Brewing Center
  • 5 year guarantee!

Do you have bad coffee at work!?

Death Before Decaf is here to wake you up from a slumber of ordinary coffee experiences. We offer your office and company a whole new coffee experience, including our hand roasted organic coffees, teas and equipment. We already work with companies like Varusteleka, GE Healthcare Finland, Eficode, Tieto, Vincit, Microsoft and TFW Helsinki.

Stop suffering from bad coffee, can we help you?

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