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Wilfa WSPL 3-B Svart Performance

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Wilfa WSPL 3-B Svart Performance


The Wilfa Svart WSPL 3-B Performance filter coffee maker is not just a new coffee maker - it is a coffee maker designed in Norway in collaboration with Tim Wendelboe.

Perfect temperature

This coffee maker is not only stylish, it meets the requirements of a coffee lover. Coffee is made at the most optimal water temperature to achieve the best coffee taste. Water temperature remains optimal for coffee throughout the process. Making perfect coffee requires several success factors, and the right water temperature is one of them. Add to this our high quality coffee and you will smile. We guarantee it. The challenge for many of the most affordable coffee makers is fluctuating or too low a water temperature. Wilfa Svart WSPL 3-B maintains a temperature of 92-96 degrees from the first drop.

Unique technology

The pump empties the water tank completely with each dosing, so there is always clean water in the preparation. 

Removable water tank allows clean water usage

The water tank of the coffee machine is removable. This makes it easier to fill with fresh water when making coffee. The water tank has a measurement indicator that shows how much water is needed relative to the grams of coffee. When you only use the water tank and do not pour water into it with a dirty coffee pot, your coffee will taste best possible.

Drip - stop (flow control)

The Wilfa WSPL 3-B Svart Performance funnel has an adjustable opening below, so-called flow control. Flow control allows you to control the speed of the water and thus the coffee extraction so that you can make the same good coffee every time, whether it is one or ten cups.

Tim Wendelboe

Developed with Tim Wendelboe - Barista World Champion (World Champion in Coffee).

Bring out the flavors

All the flavors of your coffee are utilized with a completely unique application head that spreads the water evenly over the coffee.

The design is also stylish, or what do you think?

  • Capacity 1.25 litres
  • Brewing time 4-6 minutes
  • Removable water tank
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Removable filter basket
  • 5 years guarantee!

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