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Wilfa Svart Uniform Coffee Grinder WSFBS-100B

Brand: Wilfa
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Wilfa Svart Uniform Coffee Grinder WSFBS-100B

Here it is - an awesome coffee grinder that has great quality flat burrs to make your coffee taste even better! (comes with EU 230V / 50Hz electricity – you might need adapters to use this elsewhere!)

The secret to great tasting coffee is to grind the beans just before making your coffee (e.g., beans from Warrior Coffee). Wilfa has produced a home grinder that has flat burrs, which makes the grind even better than the normal home grinders. The grinder can handle any grind from espresso to french press and anything between.

Wilfa has co-operated with the world champion barista Tim Wendelboe for many years now. As Wendelboe puts it "The Svart Uniform coffee grinder has unique, wide and flat burrs made from high quality steel that grind the beans slowly and precisely, getting a high quality and uniform end result. You'll get tasty, aromatic and full-bodied coffee". There is also a precise home scale included in the grinder, that integrates nicely to the coffee grinder. The grinder is really easy to use, just like it should be! 

Here you can check out Wendelboe's detailed product description video:

Wenbelboe - Wilfa Uniform coffee grinder

  • 58mm wide flat burrs made in Italy from stainless steel
  • Precise grinding result with 41 different grinding levels
  • Extremely easy to use: measure the amount of coffee, select the grinding level and press on/off -button
  • Integrated home scale - measures with 0,1g accuracy
  • iPhone and Android apps to operate the scale as well as manual use (includes recipes)
  • High quality build - made from aluminium and steel
  • Automatic stopping of the grind
  • Metallic grind box to decrease coffee's static electricity
  • Very quiet compared to other Wilfa's grinders
  • 75g bean hopper
  • 5 year warranty!

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