Death Before Decaf

About us

BAM. Welcome to coffee heaven! Behind the company is a bunch of sophisticated thugs, fixated on coffee. From the start we’ve had a humble goal; to roast the very best. For us coffee is art – and Death Before Decaf is our masterpiece. We want to create pure products, that don’t just taste heavenly, but also make your life a little better and more enjoyable.

It began as a passion – that grew into a hobby – that grew into a profession – that grew into a true calling. We’re looking at the industry from a new perspective. Just a few years ago, our founder Riku Uski, started toying with ideas of how to develop the coffee cultures of work places. The rest is history – we’ve sprinkled the DBD magic already to numerous work places, coffee houses, and homes.

The key to perfection is our own organic certified roastery (read more here). There we make coffee magic by hands. We’re interested in the environment, we care about our employees and we care about you – that’s we want to continuously develop and create new. We’ll take a few punches and bust a few knuckles on our quest, but at least our way is never boring. Join us on an escape from ordinary.

Do you have bad coffee at work!?

Death Before Decaf is here to wake you up from a slumber of ordinary coffee experiences. We offer your office and company a whole new coffee experience, including our hand roasted organic coffees, teas and equipment. We already work with companies like Varusteleka, GE Healthcare Finland, Eficode, Tieto, Vincit, Microsoft and TFW Helsinki.

Stop suffering from bad coffee, can we help you?

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